Dr Kevin Brown Bermuda  "The charges range from rape to sexual molestation of a 15-year-old girl, and prosecutors believe several of the offences took place while his patients were under sedation."  ~The Bermuda Sun

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Sex Offender?  Dr. Kevin Antario Brown:  Bermuda.
This police booking photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, 37. The 37-year-old doctor is in a Los Angeles jail cell, charged with molesting eight patients, one of them only 15 years old. (AP Photo/Los Angeles Police Department)

Dr. Kevin Brown pictured with a Playmate last month at his Urban Heath Initiative celebrity poker tournament held at the Playboy mansion and partially sponsored by Bermuda Tourism.

Dr. Brown's office in LA
Undercover probe: A policewoman posing as a patient attended Kevin Brown’s clinic in this building in the West Adams District of Los Angeles. The policewoman says she was sexually assaulted. A “high number” of women have since come forward to say they fell victim to Dr. Brown, according to LA’s Deputy District Attorney. *Photo by Christina House"

Um Um UmBermuda Leader’s son, Dr. Kevin Antario Brown
Charged with Sexually Molesting Patients

10/17/2008 11:57:00 AM 

Kevin Brown takes on Hollywood lawyer Berk

"Kevin Brown", eldest son of the Premier of Bermuda, has hired a celebrity lawyer to help him escape charges of sexually assaulting his patients.

Blair Berk is best known for helping Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Queen Latifah, Kayne West and Keither Sutherland beat drink-driving charges.

But she has now joined
Dr. Kevin Antario Brown's defence team as he bids to clear himself of allegations that could result in 27 years in jail. Kevin Antario Brown stands accused of multiple sex attacks on patients, including sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl and rape.

He is being held on $4m bail - an amount set so high partly because of fear he will try to flee to Bermuda and partly because he is also being separately investigated on allegations that he is part of a multi-million dollar medical fraud ring. The fraud allegations - that are so far unproven and not been brought before a court of law - mean that Dr. Brown will also have to disclose the full source of funds if he posts bail.

Ms. Berk is regarded as one of the best and one of the most expensive lawyers in Los Angeles, the city where Dr. Brown Jr. operated his medical practice.
Dr. Kevin Antario Brown is due in court on October 20 for a pre-trial hearing.


Sexual assault and health care fraud charges against son of Bermuda’s Premiere.

37 year old Dr. Kevin Antario Brown, the son of the Bermuda’s Premier Ewart Brown, has been charged with sexually molesting eight patients. According to reports, one of the patients was 15 years old.  Brown allegedly molested 8 patients over a two year period from between Nov. 6, 2006 to May 31, 2008. he is also being investigated by the state for “multiple healthcare fraud schemes and over prescription of Oxycodone,” according to court documents

Police investigate new allegations against South Los Angeles doctor  ~(From the LA Times)
Prosecutors are looking into 7 more incidents allegedly involving Dr. Kevin Brown. He has been jailed and charged with sexually assaulting 8 patients.

From USAToday:  http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-07-26-4249408044_x.htm

bulletNow the 37-year-old doctor is in a Los Angeles jail cell, charged with molesting eight patients (many more continue to come forward), one of them only 15 years old. Investigators are also looking into Brown’s finances and several other sexual allegations, some dating back about a 15 years.
bulletThe case has blindsided Brown’s friends and family, who adamantly deny the charges. They point to Brown’s reputation in the community and his charitable work in some of the world’s worst disaster zones as a testament to his character.

Kevin Antario Brown was initially arrested on July 8, 2008. Brown was charged with sexual battery and exploiting his position as a doctor in incidents involving a female patient and a female undercover police officer posing as a patient. Brown posted $50,000 bail and was released. However, the Los Angeles Police Department appealed for other potential victims to come forward. And when there is smoke there is fire. Six more victims came forward and accused Brown of sexually molesting them. Dr. Kevin Brown was arrested again this past Monday and charged with with 19 felony counts, including a lewd act on a 15-year-old child, rape, sexual battery by fraud and sexual exploitation.


In a preliminary hearing, Court Commissioner Henry Hall ordered that Dr. Kevin Brown, 37, be held in jail on $4-million bail, despite protests from his attorneys who suggested it was far higher than bail set in similar cases and seemed to be punitively based on his father’s position as premier of Bermuda.


But Hall agreed with prosecutors that Brown posed a “grave risk” to the community, as well as a potential flight risk because of his financial means and ability to flee to Bermuda, where his father heads the government.


Hall said that given the accusations and growing number of accusers it is likely there are more victims. The court commissioner noted that Brown was also being investigated in a multimillion-dollar healthcare fraud probe by the state. Hall continued Brown’s arraignment to Aug. 7 and ordered him not to contact the alleged victims.

Aside from the sexual assault allegations are the multiple healthcare fraud charges as well. Great, not only has Dr. Kevin Antario Brown been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting patients he is also accused of allegedly raping the Medicare Trust Fund.

Investigators are also probing Dr. Brown’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar medical fraud, the affidavit says. In recent years, doctors have been convicted of making fraudulent claims to Medi-Cal and Medi-Care - two bodies set up to provide medical aid to the poor. Special Agent J. Timothy Fives, of the Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse unit in the California Attorney General’s Office, said that during a raid on another doctor’s home in October, investigators obtained a list of those allegedly involved in the fraud. Dr. Brown’s name was on the list, Mr. Fives said.

Mr. Fives says that doctors already convicted of fraud have told him that Dr. Brown recruited them into the scheme. Mr. Fives added: “Physicians have stated during interviews that they paid Dr. Brown a percentage of their income from fraudulent Medi-Cal and Medi-Care claims in payment for him setting them up in business.”

A Bermuda Sun investigation:


Puzzle of the Playboy funds

Your money (Bermudians) went to an L.A. charity run by the Premier’s son.  But how was it really spent? Documents suggest only a small portion of the charity’s funds has gone to the needy

The Playboy party scandal deepened yesterday after experts raised serious questions about the finances of the American charity that was handed taxpayer-funded gifts from 'Premier Ewart Brown'.

The Urban Health Institute (UHI) - which was founded by the Premier's son, Kevin Brown - was granted tax-exempt status because of its stated mission to provide medical relief in the wake of natural disasters.

However, despite having a turnover of almost $200,000 in 2006, the charity spent only $15,000 on its headline humanitarian missions during that year, according to Internal Revenue Service documents obtained by the Bermuda Sun.

In comparison, the documents state that the charity spent $80,000 renting office space for fundraising purposes in 2006 - despite the fact that the UHI is based in Kevin Brown's medical clinic, and despite expert estimates that a medium-sized office in downtown L.A. should cost no more than $15,000.

In addition to questions over finance, it has also emerged that the UHI was violating the law by not registering with authorities. All charitable organizations in California are required to register and to submit reports annually. However, despite incorporating in 2002, and being granted tax-exempt status in 2004, the UHI never did so.

Earlier this year, it was revealed by the Bermuda Sun that the Premier personally ordered public funds be diverted to the UHI, in the shape of prizes to be given away at the charity's annual poker tournaments at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. This year, Dr. Ewart Brown attended the glitzy party as a guest of his son.

Since the controversy broke, doctor Kevin Brown has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting eight of his patients. He appeared in court for the second time yesterday and faces up to 27 years in jail if found guilty. Separately to the sex charges, Kevin Brown is also being investigated for allegedly over-prescribing painkillers and for allegedly defrauding two medical funds set up to help the poor.

bulletTax investigator

The Bermuda Sun asked one of California's top experts in charity tax issues to analyse a financial document submitted to the IRS by Kevin Brown's charity. Marcus Owens, who was an investigator at the IRS for 25 years and the head of the organization's charitable division for a decade, said that the 990 tax return form shows a huge sum spent on office space, and yet presents "no kind of indications that an office was being maintained" for the charity.

He said that the forms declare no fundraising staff, no assets such as computers or furniture that you would expect to see in an office, and only very small sums spent on telephone bills and utilities. "Not much was spent on electricity - in fact, zero was spent on utilities for fundraising purposes," he said "No-one turned the lights on in that office..."

Mr. Owens said: "Looking at these figures... there are certainly red flags" [as to whether the rental payments are genuine]... "warning signs that could prompt an IRS investigation. There are these huge occupancy [rental] payments with no other indications of activity in an office."

The document lists the charity's four senior officers - a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. However, a zero is entered in the box that enquires as to the number of employees.

Real estate agents in downtown L.A contacted by the Bermuda Sun gave estimates for the cost of a medium-size office in Kevin Brown's neighbourhood of between $10,000 and $15,000. When told that a charity was spending $80,000 on office space in that area, one agent, Wesley Smith, of Smith Moore Estates said: "I am a few blocks down from that address, and I'm telling you, for $80,000, here, you get an office the size of a gym. A full size basketball court. That must be some plush office. The guy next door is asking that sort of money - but we're talking there about an entire building."

On its website, the UHI asks that donations be sent to 3631 South Crenshaw Boulevard, suite 109. Kevin Brown's medical office is listed as suite 110. However, a freelance photographer working for the Bermuda Sun said that only the external door to suite 109 appears to be in use. She saw patients for the medical clinic pass in and out. Both addresses are marked with Dr. Brown's name.

The UHI's website lists its successes to date as sending doctors to four regions (its headline missions): to New Orleans in the wake of hurricane Katrina; to Thailand to clean up after the Boxing Day tsunami; to "two remote villages" in Nigeria; and an educational trip to Belize. The first three of these missions took place during 2006 and cost just $5,000 dollars each, according to the tax form. The document says that a further $23,000 (making a total of $38,000 for the year) was spent on "program services", although no other details are given for this charitable work. Experts spoken to by the Bermuda Sun point out that it is possible that the tax return was incorrectly and poorly completed and that the further $23,000 could also have been spent on those medical missions. However, it would still mean that core charitable work was dwarfed by fundraising parties and rent payments.

The tax document says the UHI spent more than $150,000 on fundraising efforts during 2006. Almost $65,000 was spent on a single special fundraising event - most likely that year's party at the Playboy Mansion. A breakdown shows that $35,000 was spent on "prizes," $17,000 spent on an "event planner", $1,700 expended on "hostesses," and almost $2,000 spent on limousine rental. The charity recouped almost $180,000 from fundraising at its special events, helping to balance the books at the end of the year. It has never been officially detailed how much Bermuda taxpayers gave to UHI. However, Premier Brown donated vacation packages to the island three years running - each year at the cost of several thousand dollars.

bulletCause for concern

Suzanne Coffman, director of communications for GuideStar, an online service that scrutinizes charities, said that it was a "cause for concern" that the charity's spending on fundraising should dwarf its expenditure on its core humanitarian business. "If that trend continued year on year, those alarm bells would ring louder and louder," she said.

California's Nonprofit Integrity Act (amended in 2004) states that "all commercial fundraisers for charitable purposes who solicit charitable donations" must register with the state 30 days after they acquire assets.

Kevis Foley, Registrar of Charitable Trusts for the Attorney General's Office in California, said: "The Urban Health Institute has never registered with us. It was violating that specific requirement." She said that there are certain exceptions, but that the UHI did not appear to be one of them. She added that her office had recently sent a letter to the UHI, urging it to comply.

Ms Foley said that a large number of charitable organizations are regularly set up in California, and as many as 40 per cent remain unregistered. Her office is currently modernizing its system to deal with a huge backlog. It will soon be able to automatically send "cease and desist" letters to unregistered charities, followed by fines for those who continue operating. At present, because of the backlog, it is rare for a charity to be fined or to have its licence taken away.

Under a heading "giving wisely" the registrar's website recommends that individuals and organizations only donate to charities that have done everything possible to prove they are legitimate, including registering and filing their full reports annually.

The Bermuda Sun has repeatedly been unable to get an answer at the phone number provided for the UHI office. When this newspaper called Kevin Brown's clinic, a receptionist answered before a member of staff came to the phone who claimed to work for UHI. The woman, who gave her name as Lisa, refused to answer questions about the charity.

Although Kevin Brown signed the tax document as president of the charity, the president is listed elsewhere on tax documents as Emmanuel Eyo. The Bermuda Sun contacted Mr. Eyo at his home in Los Angeles but he said he could not answer questions without first talking to the charity's "chief executive." Nowhere in official documents or on websites does the charity record having a chief executive. Vice President of the charity is listed as Kevin Brown's wife, Chanel, and a treasurer and secretary are also listed on documents. None of the three could be contacted for comment over the past two days.

The Bermuda Sun also faxed questions to Mr. Eyo regarding the charity's fundraising, charity work and office arrangements, but he did not provide answers and later discontinued taking calls. We also asked for a response from Premier Ewart Brown, but he declined to comment.

Kevin Brown's defence lawyer, Harry Nelson, who in the past successfully defended the doctor against charges of defrauding a medical fund, said he could not currently address specific claims about the charity because "I have no knowledge of UHI's business operations."

However, he added: "What I do know through personal observation, Dr. Brown, his colleagues, and his medical staff is that his dedication to medical relief work in distressed communities is genuine.

"Dr. Brown contributed significant amounts of his own time and resources doing humanitarian medical relief work in Africa, in the Caribbean, and in places where people need help, like New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His dedication to helping others in need is beyond question."

Dr Kevin Brown Bermuda: Charged with sexually molesting patients & healthcare fraud.

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