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Botelho Wood Architects Bermuda

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8 South Road
Smith's, Bermuda FL05

Tel:  441 232 6563
Fax:  441 232 6565


Botelho Wood Architects was founded in 2004 by partners Germano Botelho and Ted Wood.  The team at Botelho Wood Architects is talented, creative, dedicated and well experienced and is committed to producing sensitive and responsive architecture.

Botelho Wood Architects Bermuda

"Botelho Wood" Architects Botelho Wood Architects was founded in 2004 by partners 'Germano Botelho' and 'Ted Wood'. Previous to 2004, Germano and Ted developed a collaborative

Botelho Wood Architects Botelho Wood Architects.

Entries starting with W Architect. Botelho Wood Architects, 8 South Road, Smith's, FL 05. Tel: 232-6563. Fax: 232-6565. E-mail: Registered Architect, BArch, NZIA

Entries starting with B Architect, Principal, Botelho Wood Architects, 8 South Road, Smiths FL05. Tel: 232-6563 Fax: 232-6565 Email:

IBA Membership Categories Botelho, Germano, Botelho Wood Architects, 232-6563, Brown, Beryl, Beryl E. Brown/The Studio, 295-3846, Bulley, Chris

IBA Members Only contact architect, architects in Bermuda. President Germano Botelho Botelho Wood Architects, email: 

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